Lipstixx – Personalized lipsticks by Kandinsky for advertising and merchandising

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Regular delivery takes 21 days after final approval.

All Lipstixx are manufactured without using mineral oils or waxes.

Lipstixx formulae are constantly being developed further and are subject to the strictest controls (e.g. from the Frenesius Institute). Production takes place entirely in Germany in accordance with GMP for cosmetics. Safety assurances are of course available for every product.

Lipstixx keep for 12 months after breaking the seal and unopened for at least 36 months.

All of our products are manufactured with the utmost care using top-quality materials. We vouch for the quality of our products within legal implied warranty limits. Should you have any reason for dissatisfaction, please contact us and we will take a look at the problem immediately.

You can choose from a selection of standard packaging options. Of course your Lipstixx can also be delivered in any other packaging too, which we'd be happy to offer you on request.

The minimum order for production of your individual Lipstixx is 300 items - here you may choose from a range of standard colours. From 2,000 items upwards we are able to supply your Lipstixx in any Pantone colour you choose - and from 5,000 items we can manufacture Lipstixx in the flavour of your choice.

Your logo is transferred via screen print, pad printing or label printing. The printing technique we choose depends on your exact creative.

Screen printing: This is the most common printing technique and is particularly suited to monocolour and sometimes for 2-colour printing. This enables all-round printing if desired. Maximum print surface is 38 x 43 mm. Extremely fine lines, halftoning and polycolour printing are not possible.

Pad printing: Here, all colours are printed at once. Especially suitable for delicate patterns. An all-round print is not always possible. Maximum print surface: 38 x 12 mm.

Label printing: Your motive is printed onto a label which is then applied right around the entire Lipstixx, which has a useable print surface of 42 x 29 mm. This printing technique is suitable for just about any creative and even enables the use of photos.

Every production run takes place in several steps. After receiving your request and your desired configuration, we provide you with a suggestion as to the optimum manufacturing method, together with a non-binding offer. Once we receive the OK from you for the costs, you receive a detailed layout to check and confirm. Once this is confirmed, production and delivery of the desired volume takes place.

Production costs per item vary, depending on order volume. We recommend that you make several requests with different quantities, so that you can get a feel for how the unit price changes with more volume.

Additional printing charges apply for each colour and each logo (once only for label print). All additional printing charges are also applicable on re-orders.

We deliver using UPS and charge you accordingly based on weight and volume. Packaging is included in the price.

We are happy to provide you with some general quality samples. An individual sample will incur a prior production fee of 50 Euro plus VAT.

Please appreciate that we can only send one or two relevant samples per request.



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